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  1. Hafa Adai! I am Napu Blas of L. P. Untalan Middle School, and I have recently went “off-island” on a field trip to Cocos Island (February 2nd, 2018.) I learned a lot about invasive species and their effects on many of Guam’s animals on my visit to Cocos, especially about how the brown tree snake is causing the drastic reduction of the ko’ko bird population on Guam and how some ko’ko are being introduced to Cocos Island. I also learned more about the birds found on Cocos Island, including the såli and the white tern. I had a great experience on my visit to Cocos Island. My “call to action” is that this experience has deepened my knowledge about the ko’ko and many other of Guam’s unique species and how we need to protect them by deterring and eradicating invasive species that are threatening them. I will use this knowledge wisely and make sure to kill invasive species like the brown tree snake and the rhino beetle (or notify someone to kill them) whenever I encounter them so that the ko’ko and other birds can hopefully return to Guam in the future.


  2. Hello! My name is Damien Fernandez of L.P. Untalan Middle school and just recently I and my fellow classmates went on a field trip to Coco’s island. When we were there I learned a lot on how they work to preserve the Coco and other birds that are on the island. I also learned about their tracking system they use to track the birds they captured and tagged. I also got go on a nature walk and saw many things that inhabit the island. We also learned about the invasive species that lived there. In the end I learned a lot about the island not only about the Coco but other birds and animals.

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